SovaSleep Honeycomb

Commonly asked questions

What type of sleep style does this pillow work best for?

Both side and back sleepers will benefit from the great support provided by the SovaSleep Honeycomb. Unlike similar products, our pillow offers multiple heights to fit the needs of all of our customers. If you are a side sleeper and find that the larger side of the pillow is too lo, we recommend putting a small, flat pillow underneath it to attain the proper height.

How can you sell these pillows for less than similar models?

We have a professional relationship with the manufacturer of these pillows allowing us to buy them at a discount. Then we pass the savings on to you!

Help! My pillow smells weird

Due to the manufacturing process and pectin latex used these pillows can sometimes have an odd smell. We recommend letting your pillow air out for 1-2 days if this is the case. If a smell persists scent removing sprays such as Febreze work amazingly to remove any scent from these pillows.

Can I use this pillow without a pillowcase?

It is possible to use these pillows without a pillowcase, however we do not recommend it. The images we have on our website are to demonstrate the unique design and properties of the pillows, but they are much more comfortable with a pillowcase.

SovaSleep Patch

Commonly asked questions

What is in these patches?

The SovaSleep Patches are made of 100% natural ingredients and contain melatonin, hops, magnesium, and valerian root.

Can I use more than one patch at a time?

We recommend starting with one patch per night to gauge how the patches affect your sleep. Wearing more than one patch will increase the effect of the patches.

Are these patches safe for these patches babies & children?

We do not recommend these patches be used on babies or children. You should consult your physician or health care professional before using any vitamins, supplements, or research chemicals, particularly if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, are breast feeding, or have a history of high blood pressure or heart disease. Please see our medical disclaimer for more information.